In October 2021, Daniel drove his BRD F1200 car for the first time. It was black, had Pennzoil decals on it and was wearing the old No. 27 of its previous pilots. By April 2022, Demaras Racing acquired a 1999 Miata track car with classic British Racing Green paint, so the F1200 car was painted to green to match, with hi-viz yellow details.

Finally, in May 2023, the No. 16 MagiSeal Miata was given a livery to match the No. 12 MagiSeal Formula 1200 car. The pair of cars have influenced each other’s appearance, and now definitely are a unique set.

Without a word of lie, Daniel’s No. 12 car is one of the most photographed F1200s at Mosport on race weekends. And it’s super-popular with spectators (especially kids). It’s unique, vibrant and catches the eye. With corporate sponsorship, it looks the part of a legit race car.

This past weekend at the Vintage Grand Prix, bot the Demaras Racing No. 12 and No. 16 cars were at the track together for the first time. The No. 12 was at Mosport to compete, but the No. 16 was only on hand to show off its re-pro Japanese plates (same as the one on Sean’s 1967 Mustang in F&F Tokyo Drift ).

Chris was a spectator with a vested interest, and Daniel a competitor in the most exciting races of the weekend, But back in the paddock, it was really cool to see these two race cars together for the first time.

Obrigado, Rubens Junior of ‘The Classic Machines‘ who sent Brazilian flag decals (the No. 12 looks just like a Brazilian flag) and earned Demaras Racing a bunch of new fans at the track! Now Daniel needs to learn some Portuguese slang!

And finally, thanks to Richard from Release the Shutter for the amazing action photos, and the impromptu photo-shoot of the No. 12 and No. 16 during his lunch break.

These two cars will be out on track together at Cayuga later this summer. Last November at K1 Speed, one young racers won the opportunity to drive an open-wheel formula in the ‘So, You Wanna Be A Race Car Driver?‘ event. Demaras Racing will bring both the No. 12 MagiSeal Formula 1200 car and the No. 16 MagiSeal Miata time attack car to the track for some bonus laps.

3 thoughts on “MagiSeal: No.12 and No.16

    1. Having the # 12 on Daniel’s car, and the Brazilian flag, they’re tributes to Senna. In such a short time (compared to guys like Hamilton, Alonso and Kimi) Senna achieved an incredible amount, and I HATE it when people start comparing a guy like Max V (in a dominant car) to Ayrton.

      Senna was on a different level.


      3 TITLES 2
      41 WINS 41
      161 STARTS 171
      80 PODIUMS 85
      2931 LAPS LEAD 2213
      65 POLES 25

      Just look at those laps lead and pole positions. That shows you how fast he was.

  1. Formula One is different now a days, I know it sounds redundant but that is how I see when people compare Max with Senna. A 1980s F1 car was a raw machine, it was necessary a special kind of talent to be fast driving one of those beasts.

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