With only 2 weeks to go until the start of the LDRC season, Demaras Racing has officially signed up for the first event on April 16th – 17th. Rather than joining an established team like Lapped Traffic or the Wheel Deal, Chris and Daniel will be bringing their own car to the track.

With help from driving coach John Venditti, the Demaras Racing family will turn their first ever laps at CTMP on Saturday April 16th. Before competing in the series, Chris and Daniel will ‘stooge’ for a team to see first-hand how pit stops and driver changes are handled.

The first in a series of three ‘track days’ scheduled before the start of his F1200 season, the plan is to get Daniel as much seat time as possible on the on the Grand Prix circuit, then find the opportunity to race in LDRC with his father Chris later in summer.

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