Late in 2021, Demaras Racing drivers were spectators at the final LDRC race of the season. Series organizer Chuck extended an invitation to Chris and Daniel, giving father and son the chance to see endurance racing up close.

Five months later, the race car has new owners (Carson and Stephen) and there’s a seat open for a driver on the Wheel Deal endurance racing squad. Daniel and Chris made the trek up to the Honda’s home base south of Barrie to check out the car.

The photo below (from a 2021 race) shows the tailgate on the ’92 Civic has been removed, as have all the side windows. Carson commented that if the tailgate was still installed it would be like a giant parachute.

Certainly roomier than an F1200 car, Daniel is hoping to add some sportscar races to his schedule, teaming up with his father Chris.

No decision yet on Demaras and the LDRC series this season, but this is certainly an interesting development.

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