HIP: Driver Training

For more than a month, Daniel and Chris Demaras have been spending weekends at HIP Motorsports east of Toronto. Rookie road racer Chris is getting more comfortable on the sim, and with guidance from John Venditti, has started using the brakes rather than the wall to slow the car down.

Chris was setting 1:42 minute laps last week, but after a virtual track walk and some YouTube videos, set new personal best times around online CTMP at 1:36.916 and promptly ended his session and quit while ahead!

Feeling like a future F1 champ, Demaras stopped for a photo-op with young Jacques Villeneuve.

After spending the first three weeks at HIP, racing the Formula Vee on iRacing’s version of Mosport, driving coach Venditti switched Demaras over to Assetto Corsa. This simulator includes a virtual version of Calabogie Motorsports Park, a track Daniel will compete at from August 19th – 21st 2022.

Since Assetto Corsa doesn’t have the Formula Vee in its stable, John has Daniel driving low-horsepower, light-weight cars like the Toyota AE-86 and the Mazda Miata (NA) to mimic the open-wheeler in power to weight ratio. It’s not perfect, but it gives Demaras a broader spectrum of experiences.

While immersed in the virtual reality of the Force Dynamics CR-401, Demaras chases down Venditti, but young Daniel has a lot to learn from his new mentor.

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