VARAC Combines Formula Libre and Formula Classic for 2022

VARAC and CASC have agreed to combine the present Formula Libre and the Formula Classic grids into one “robust” open wheel grid. With this VARAC open wheelers will no longer have to be combined with VH, they will have an open wheel grid to race on. This grid will be made up of those open wheel cars presently considered Formula Libre cars (modern open wheelers, Formula 4’s) and VARAC open wheel cars (F90’s, “Vintage” Formula Fords, Formula Jr’s & Formula 1200’s).

With this structure we’d expect a grid of 16-20 cars, similar to the grid at the 2021 Celebration of Motorsports. Typical make-up of this grid would be expected to be:

  • Modern Formula cars – one car
  • Formula Classic – three cars
  • “Vintage” Formula Ford – six cars
  • Formula 4 – three cars
  • Formula 1200 – four to seven cars

This grid will be considered a VARAC grid, in that racing conduct will be to VARAC/ Vintage racing conduct rules. Generally, modern sports racers (ie Radicals) will be considered closed wheel cars and not eligible for this grid. By exception, we may allow one or two on the grid, only on approval by VARAC Race Director and CASC Chief Race Coach. To assist with visibility, forward facing green lights will be recommended for cars on this grid.

Thanks to VARAC open wheelers for showing up and getting our numbers to the point where we can do this. A special “ tip of the hat” to Peter Viccary for his work on this. Also thanks to the VH racers who supported having open wheelers on their grid to allow this to come to fruition.

Let’s keep it going….Looking forward to some great open wheel racing!

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