May 28, 2022

Last Show in Ontario

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

When we arrived at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, the lineup of cars stretched down 5th Concession all the way to Brock Rd. I knew we should have left Toronto a little earlier, but what were the odds of traffic in Millgrove?

For the first time in more than a year, a monster truck show was happening, and there was a big crowd of people there to see it. For just a couple hours, nobody thought about the pandemic or “these challenging times“. It was just pure, escapist fun. Thousands of us, bundled in blankets and wrapped in winter coats, patiently filed into the speedway. We were just happy to be there. The announcer asked those who were able to stand to do so for the singing of the national anthem. Some people in the grandstands sang. It was kind of beautiful.

Later, the announcer explained how long this show had been planned for. Originally booked 5 months ago, provincial restrictions pushed the date back. Then a second re-scheduling. The track closes for the season on Monday, so this was the last chance to hold the event.

Something I hadn’t thought of until then. I was unhappy that shows in Toronto and Hamilton had been cancelled. But that’s just my weekend entertainment. For these drivers, it’s their livelihood!

This small show didn’t have the big name trucks you see on TV, but these independently-owned trucks had style!

The big yellow truck looked like totally modern machinery. Double nitrogen-charged shocks on each corner allowed all 10,000 lbs. of truck to land huge jumps.

My personal favourite was this rat-rod style, 1974 Ford F-250. It reminded me of the old Bigfoot truck from my childhood; a production-based truck “turned up to 11”. This driver wasn’t afraid of anything. When his truck started to break up, he kept his foot in it, destroying his transmission for our entertainment.

For the younger members of the audience there was Bucking Bronco a truck that deserved its own Saturday morning cartoon show. A horse’s muzzle molded into the hood of the truck, with grinning teeth for a grill. The cowboy hat on the roof keeps with the country & western theme, but only now I’m realizing that the cowboy wears the hat…not the horse!

I guess that’s why I like monster trucks. They’re ridiculous and outrageous. Cartoonish and childish. Powerful and impressive. And when you’re at the show, you’re not thinking about payroll or mid-terms or anything really.

Leaving the track after the last monster truck show in Ontario, we decided to go into town to get a bite to eat. The lady at the counter asked me for my vaccination certificate.

Instantly, I was back to reality.

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