What would summertime be without a trip to the pool? A great way to cool off during the sweltering 34° heat of Shannonville! Not exactly.

This was wet-weather driver training with the CASC’s Paul Subject. After the recent rain race at CTMP, Paul came up with this idea as a way to give Daniel extreme confidence when racing in the rain.

While VMS would arrive later, Chris (the tow truck driver) Daniel (the racer) and Paul (the instructor) met up at Shannonville on Friday morning. The air pressures on the race car were pumped up to obscene levels, and the fire hose was used to soak the skid pad to reduce grip even further.

After initially tentative runs through the pool, Daniel cranked it up. By adding more throttle, Demaras could induce oversteer, then try to balance the slide through a four-wheel drift. The goal was to be able to help rotate the car more effectively in tight corners, while maintaining balance.

Initially, the exercise seemed like a way to goof around before race day, but as Daniel gained control, he added speed, and really pushed the limits of grip. Several 360° spins and one trip through the grass at the edge of the skid pad, and Daniel was hooked. This was fun! In the last session, he was blipping the throttle, doing donuts, and looked more like a monster truck driver doing a ‘freestyle’ than a race car driver.

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