Demaras Racing arrived at Shannonville Motorsport Park a day before the Peter Jackson Trophy Race. With them was their ‘track-ready‘ 1999 Mazda Miata, ready for some practice laps. It’s been a year since Daniel and Chris were out on track at SMP, at a Brack Driving Concept course to acquire racing licenses. But that was in an Bugeye WRX, and the Miata is a much closer approximation of an F1200 car.

The track was super-busy, as race licensing courses and lapping days were being run. From daily drivers to tube-chassis NASCAR race cars, there was a huge variety of vehicles. For the second time in a month, the Demaras’ ran into former New Speed Motorsports teammates the Goodridge’s. In a way, the day felt like a regional karting event; some big teams with 18 wheelers, other garagistes with 10×10 canopies, lawn chairs and a pickup truck full of tools.

The Miata really punches above its weight on a technical track like Shannonville. All the braking, acceleration and variety of turns from hairpins to flat-out corners make it so much different that Mosport. The Mazda’s modest motor isn’t a hinderance, because it is so perfectly suited to the weight and size of the car.

Out on track, Demaras could be seen passing a big Mercedes, nimble Porsche 944s and holding his own against an Audi TT. Great practice for the multi-class racing that is the Formula Classic grid!

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