Kids in kart racing hear a speech from their parents like, “Mommy and daddy love you no matter what. And if you finish last, that’s OK…as long as you had fun!”. But when it’s the first-born of F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, things are a little different. Look at this picture below, of little Robin Raikkonen going to pick up his trophy at a kart race. Looks like Goodwood Kartways, or any other track…right?

News articles on racing websites around the world started popping up late last week, calling young Robin a chip off the ice block. A young prodigy winning his first ever junior karting race, following in his father’s footsteps. Media speculation went so far as to ask “Will We See Raikkonen Junior in Formula 1?”

Robin’s little sister Rianna isn’t letting the worldwide attention go to his head. In the picture below, she’s giving her brother a big hug, and probably reminding him that he has homework due on Monday.

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