~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

What a strange feeling it was, walking into K1 Speed’s new location in Mississauga. The Toronto location at Downsview Park was my ‘hangout’ for years. And Daniel practically grew up there. But, between the provincial shutdowns, then the expensive step up to car racing, we just haven’t had the chance to visit the new K1 Speed in Mississauga.

Years ago, our family visited the US for the K1 Speed e-World Championship. On that trip we visited California track locations in Irvine, Ontario and Anaheim. None of those tracks felt different. But the track in Mississauga felt like walking into your childhood home, now that another family lives there!

The facility looked top-notch. Bright, clean and inviting. Our old friend Kevin A. (formerly of the Toronto location, now manager of the Mississauga location) was off. that day. But it didn’t matter. We’ll make sure to visit again in the near future.

With the F1200 season over, there’s plenty of time to get back to being a regular K1 Speed. Maybe there will be a special event there soon, to motivate us to visit.

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