Across the street from my house is a little old lady who’s lived in the area for decades. Over the years, she has accumulated more Christmas decorations than anyone around; strings of lights, a motorized nativity scene, even an inflatable Michael Bublé. If there was a Neighborhood Christmas Lights and Display Contest, they would win…every year.

I just cannot beat her. So, this season, I decided to decorate my GMC Sierra with lights, garland and the biggest pair of brass bells you’ve ever seen. I’m going for the Truck Division Title in the unofficial lights and display contest. That little old lady won’t know what hit her!

I decided to go with a battery-powered string of Noma lights, since I plan on leaving the lights on all night, twinkling against the shiny black paint of the monster truck. But even parked across the street from the little old lady, her house is so bright, my little display is flooded with her 1,000,000 watts Christmas spirit. Drat!

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