If you’ve never watched FIA Formula E before, today is the day to start. The first race of the season, the Mexico e-Prix, will take place at 3:00 pm on Saturday January 14 2023, and Canadian fans can watch on TSN2 (according to the Formula E website). This is the first race for all-new electric ‘Gen-3’ race car which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the previous generations.

Built by Spark Racing Technology, with batteries by Williams Advanced Engineering, this new car will see the maximum speeds climb to over 320km/h (200 mph), yet strangely, have no hydraulic rear brakes; only regenerative brakes.

And these cars look like nothing else in open-wheel racing. They look like space ships. The Jaguar TCS Racing car is an Imperial Star Destroyer on wheels.

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    1. Formula E tries SO HARD to be different. They could easily get a Dallara chassis and scotch tape an electric drivetrain into the back end. But they are determined to stand out from all other formulas … for better or worse!

      Man that car is weird looking!

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