FIA Formula E has often been hailed as the future of motor racing. An electric-powered, open-wheel racing series that races street circuits in the downtown core of the world’s greatest cities. Genius marketing, no doubt.

The third-generation Formula E race car debuted in 2023 brings the series to a new level, with a lighter, quicker, more powerful car with space-age looks unlike any other racing series.

Formula E competitors are top-tier drivers, often former F1 racers. But Formula E has also been a side-track for racers who’ve gone through Formula 3 to Formula 2, then stalled out. While many racers have open-wheel dreams, does anyone ever strive to compete in electric racing series? Just stop by your local K1 Speed or the K1 Circuit to see how popular electric racing has become, at the karting level.

For Formula E to have a chance at long term success, it needs to be a series racers aspire to compete in, not just a series they got stuck in. What Formula E needs is a ladder series, starting in electric karts, through electric junior formulae, then onto the top series. A new, electric, junior-level, single-seater series just launched may be just what’s needed.

Race fans may remember the Dilbagh Gill, the old team principal of Mahindra’s Formula E team. He’s absent from the grid this year, but has worked to establish the electric ACE Championship. Rather than established drivers, the ACE Championship will seek junior drivers to compete in the club-level Challenger Series. A proper feeder series, there will also be a higher powered second tier in the championship. The series will use the Gen 2 cars from Formula E, made obsolete this year with the introduction of Gen 3 cars. The ACE Championship seeks to provide an accessible entry point to electric motor racing.

The series will run regionally, in several continents, and aims for the lofty goal of providing opportunity in the motorsports paddock irrespective of background, location, gender or socio-economic status. Wow! Those are some lofty goals, and Demaras Racing hopes the project is a success.

Seems like the perfect tie-in for an all-electric kart racing organization!

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