If a stranger asked to use your classic car for a rap video, would you say yes? Many vintage car owners won’t even let their own family drive their ‘baby’ so the notion of letting a stranger putting their hands on it seems highly unlikely. That’s what makes this feel-good story from CBC News so cool.

This 1969 Ford Galaxie 500’s current owner, Adam Kaminski, was our with his boulevard cruiser this spring. After stopping for lunch, he headed back to the parking lot, and found a note on his windshield. He thought someone had dinged his door. Rather, it was a hand-written request from local Edmonton rapper Ntwali Kayijah to use the car in filming a music video for his latest song.

Surely, Kaminski thought about the poor Maybach 57 from the video for ‘Otis’. Kanye chopped that car up, added after-burners, and basically destroyed it. What condition would the Galaxie 500 be returned in?

But Kayijah is a good guy, and the song ‘Message to the Youth‘ is inspirational not destructive. Kaminski agreed, and the pair made arrangements for filming the video. The video is can be seen on YouTube (below) and is just a great example of how a love of cars brings people together.

It’s just too bad the rapper just cruised around the streets in the drop top. You figure just one burnout wouldn’t hurt..

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