Variety is what makes Motorama unique among Canadian car shows. Some events display only late models, other events only vintage hot rods. Motorama has a little of everything automotive. Well, at 500,000 sq. ft. worth of floor space, Motorama has a lot of everything automotive.

Vintage race cars are often thrown on the scrap heap of history. Once the newer and faster versions come along, old race cars were often scrapped after being picked clean of go-fast parts. At Motorama, we got to see old-school front-engined dragsters, and their modern equivalents.

There were some really cool stock cars, showing the history of oval racing in Ontario, with an especially cool looking Daytona/Superbird look-alike that stole the show. Plus, there were some late model oval track racers displayed the kind of creativity that makes fans love the sport so much.

There are still series for where vintage steel bumper stock cars stock cars take to the track against each other. Fully caged, and equipped with modern safety equipment, these cars give a glimpse of stock car racing in the golden years.

Vintage racing organizations like BEMC and VARAC displayed their race cars, and the incredible ‘Yesterdays Speedways‘ had an incredible display documenting all the ghost tracks still haunting Southern Ontario.

Even the Formula 1200s got in on the show, with Phil ‘The Champ‘ Wang putting on a display with a recently restored 1999 BRD. Motorama really gives visitors are glimpse into all forms of motorsports, past and present.

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