The 2023 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo was absolutely packed on Saturday. Not a parking spot to be found at the International Centre as thousands of motorheads made their way out to the airport area to check out the cool cars.

While we at Demaras Racing are a little biased, it seemed obvious that the Canadian Formula 1200 booth was a highlight of the show. Most of the cars on display are just too expensive to let people put their candy-apply covered fingers on. But at the FTDA booth, the young and the young at heart were allowed to climb into an open-wheel race car.

These moments, formative moments, imprint themselves into the memory banks of youngsters. It is so important to give kids a chance to sit in the cockpit of a race car, feel the control of the steering wheel, and begin to dream of becoming a real race car driver.

Astronauts and cowboys may be in the Top 5 of dream jobs…but becoming a race car driver is an achievable dream.

FTDA president and al around ‘good guy’ Phil Wang is clearly a marketing genius. He insisted on booth 3317 to display the F1200 race car. which many assumed was a lucky number (since he races under the No. 117). It turns out the selected booth was located directly across from the Hooters booth, which brought a large number of gentlemen past the F1200 display, all weekend long.

4 thoughts on “Formula 1200 at MOTORAMA 2023

    1. The Hooters girls were so funny. The young guys working the F1200 booth wouldn’t look directly at them to not look like letches. But there’s a point I was worried the girls would get a psychological complex if they were ignored any longer.

      So, we got them to model with the 1999 BRD F1200 car. Great decision!

    2. Oh year R.D. Francis…if you think kids grow up fast around fast cars, you’re going to love our article this Saturday about a 3 year old driving a Ferrari. Jeepers!

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