You’ve got to hand it to No. 92 Josh Williams. He took a bad situation and turned it into a new sponsorship opportunity. Williams was suspended by NASCAR for parking his race car on the start/finish line at Atlanta Motor Speedway in protest of a call against him. He calmly walked away from the car and waved to the crowd as he walked back to the pits.

Now, in an effort to capitalize on the ‘park it’ publicity, Parking Guidance Systems has signed up to sponsor his race car. Here’s the press release.

(March 29, 2023) – DGM Racing is excited to announce a partnership with Parking Guidance Systems, LLC (PGS), a company that provides custom, technology-driven parking management solutions for busy parking structures. The partnership kicks off this weekend at Richmond Raceway with Alex Labbé and DGM Racing’s No. 91 Chevrolet Camaro. Parking Guidance Systems will serve as the primary sponsor for several races for both Alex Labbé and Josh Williams.

Using Indect parking guidance technology, PGS prides itself in installing parking space sensors, and signage throughout a garage, to allow for fast, efficient and legal customer parking, something that Josh Williams can relate to after parking his Coolray No. 92 on the start-finish line at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The controversial #ParkIt move earned him a NASCAR mandated one-week vacation from racing and an abundance of media attention. In the spotlight, Williams capitalized on the opportunity to share about his annual Josh Williams Hospital Tour and his work with children’s hospitals around the country.

Absolute marketing genius. Rather sounding all sorry and begging forgiveness, the press release refers to Williams suspension as a one week vacation. And did he attend anger management classes during that time. Heck no! He took the time off to do the Lord’s work by visiting sick kids in hospital.

God bless you, Josh Williams.

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