Big companies like GM and Toyota don’t often miss marketing opportunities. Car makers sometimes use April Fool’s Day pranks to poke fun at themselves, or the world around them, sometimes with terrible results. But mostly, like Renault’s first F1 hatchback, are just good fun.

Here’s this year’s car company April Fool’s Day jokes that definitely didn’t fool any of us at Demaras Racing for one second!

Fuji Heavy Industries SUBA-SHOES

Subaru has a long history of all-wheel drive cars so the obvious thing to do is to branch out into ‘All-Heel drive Suba-Shoes‘. The Subaru limited edition all-terrain walking boots offer maximum comfort thanks to a shock absorbing outer sole with ‘grill springs’. Better yet, the Japanese brand is giving interested buyers the chance to enquire through the Subaru website using the products code: AF2300LS.

VW Car Colour matching Nail Polish

Volkswagen has offered us the option of painting our nails in the same shade as our cars with the added benefit of being able to touch-up any scratches that might appear on the car’s bodywork. The gender neutral range of paint shades included Kings Red, Lapiz Blue or Oryx White but we were also told that the nail varnish “is specially formulated using a Fashionable Oil Overhaul Lacquer – known as F.O.O.L”.

JEEP Simulated Mud

After a days off-roading, driving home in your mud-crusted Jeep is the best way to show others that you and your vehicle are Trail- Rated. Fortunately, Jeep has created the perfect solution for those who want the off-road look without leaving their home. The all-new aftermarket ‘Mud-On’ package uses the technology developed to add wood panels to the sides of station wagons to offer the Jeep Compass ‘pre-mudded’ in one of three colours: Clay, Soil or Silt.

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  1. Well, when I was working for a Toyota/Lexus dealership I actually saw “Lexus nail polish”, sold with all that personal merchandise, like water bottles and baseball hats. I am not sure about the colors, if they were supposed to match the shade of the car, but that would be my guess.

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