Since 2014, articles by Demaras Racing staff writers Daniel, Michelle and Chris have made it to Canadian Karting News, K1 Speed Canada and Brazilian website AUTOentusiastas even translated one of Daniel’s articles to Portuguese!

This week, B&S Movies posted one of our recent ‘Fast Film Fridays’ reviews on their website. B&S covers cult classic and drive-in movie favourites, and selected our review of the 1954 film ‘A Race for Life‘ for inclusion. Hopefully it helps more classic film lovers discover this hidden gem.

APRIL MOVIE-THON: A Race for Life (1954)

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2 thoughts on “69 Year-Old Racing Movie Getting Attention

  1. That is pretty cool, guys! I love your reviews.
    Well, since I am here I would like to ask for a review of the 1979 Hot Rod movie, and the 1969 counterculture epic Easy Rider.
    One thing I still say about myself:
    “The same way Apocalypse Now made me join the military, Easy Rider made me buy a motorcycle”.

    1. As cool as it was to see our car-focused reviews on another website, you’ve taken it a step further, Rubens. A request!

      Never heard of 1979’s ‘Hot Rod’ but will look it up on IMDB and see if we can find a copy online.

      But first, we’re doing a series of reviews:

      – Drive (2011)
      – The Driver (1978)
      – Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
      – Drive Angry (2011)

      Plus this week’s review of Baby Driver!

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