Sunday morning at the track, and the back end of the No. 12 MagiSeal Formula 1200 car now had a water bottle as a temporary catch-can, the result of the previous day’s contact. Demaras was ready for a clean race this time.

Daniel was starting P2, his finishing position from the first race. Going into the outside of Turn 1 at Mosport is never easy, but with continued tweaking of the car, the team hoped the No. 12 would have stronger acceleration to pull away from the pack.

After a clean start Demaras battled with D’Agostino and Balbosa for multiple laps.

Still feeling the engine was low op power, Demaras had to remain in the draft to keep up, and wait until the final corner to spring a surprise attack on his rival, snatching P2 away at the last moment. Very exciting; check out the video below.

After lunch, the storm clouds rolled in. Since Friday practice the conditions were dry, sunny and warm, but the weather man had advised of the possibility of rain late Sunday. Many racers hoped they would be driving home by the time the skies opened up.

Instead, the weather had turned nasty just in time for the finals, and many open-wheel racers simply packed up rather than risk their equipment. However, the racers in the Formula 1200 series are a unique level of crazy, and looked at the wet weather as on opportunity to chase racing glory, not conditions to be avoided.

The No. 12 MagiSeal Formula 1200 car started P2 in the BEMC Spring Trophy Race finale.

Visibility during the race was terrible, and the spray from the tires of the open-wheel cars got worse the closer a driver came to a pass. The treaded Falken tires provide good grip in the dry, and reasonable adhesion in the wet, but the conditions were still treacherous.

Every corner proved to be a challenge just to keep the cars on track. Check out the video below.

After leading several laps, Daniel Demaras brought the car home in second place (again) behind Tyson Balbosa and surprise third place finisher Kenny Bui.

The rain wouldn’t even let up for the podium ceremony, so the entire open-wheel paddock crammed into the ‘vent centre’ where officials presented the hardware to the Top 3 drivers. For Demaras, it was a bitter-sweet moment, ad he finished P2 an all three races, but was disappointed to miss out on the win in wet conditions he had mastered.

The No. 12 car will get shipped back to the VMS shop to check for carb-icing issues that robbed it of power. With a little more HP out of the 1200 cc powerplant, Demaras is hoping to move up one step on the podium next time out.

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