Last weekend, Fast X opened at across Canada, and the Demaras Racing team were at the theatre on opening night. F&F movies are cultural touchstones that cannot be left to watch on DVD months later; they must be seen on the biggest screen possible… the drive-in theatre is preferable, weather permitting.

Michelle, Daniel and Chris found the closest IMAX theatre with seating still available for the midnight screening. The parking lot wasn’t exactly full of tricked-out rides, but there were young hooligans running around shooting at each other with Roman Candles…so that was an exciting start to the evening.

It’s been nearly two years since the Demaras trio watched the last F&F movie with family friend / kart racer Matte Ferrari. But what could possibly top that last movie experience?

While patiently waiting in the theatre lobby, Chris saw it; the Dom Toretto Collectible Popcorn Container. This vessel would do more than just carry snack; it would drive home the memories forever.

Little kids at movie theatres always want to enhance the experience by eating popcorn out of Batman’s head, or guzzling Fruitopia out of a Minions cup. This time, it was 48-year-old overgrown child Chris Demaras who just had to have the new toy. A plastic 1:24 scale model of Toretto’s 1970 Charger with a flip-top compartment big enough for a small popcorn. This piece of Mopar madness will be placed next to the F1-shaped bottle of Mazzetti d’Altavilla Grappa on the mantle.

Oh yeah… Fast Film Friday… time for a movie review. Fast X is everything that you love about the series. Cool cars, outrageous stunts, and a thorough re-writing of the laws of physics. Eve more characters come back from the dead! But we don’t want to spoil too much for a movie that just opened. Go see it!

Don’t go with friends. This one is for the family.

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