You know the scene; Brian and Dom pull up next to a yuppie prick in a black Ferrari. Admiring the Maranello machinery, Brian comments “Nice car. What’s the retail on one of those?

More than you can afford, pal.” says the jerk, boasting in front of his girlfriend, “Ferrari.”

The orange Supra then battles the F355 all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway, Brian risking all their lives to prove he’s got what it takes to be on the crew. Once they’ve dispatched their foe, the Dynamic Duo pull in to Neptune’s Net, just north of Malibu, for some shrimp.

When the Demaras family recently travelled to California for Daniel to compete in the K1 Speed Championships the gearheads / movie aficionados could not resist visiting the actual location of that famous scene, with Michelle and Chris even re-creating the silver screen moment.

The establishment opened in 1956 as a gas station and became Neptune’s Net in 1974. Some call it a biker bar, but it’s actually a friendly seafood restaurant where you cannot make a reservation, and seating is first-come, first-served. It’s more like a roadside cafeteria where you order at the counter and bring your fresh seafood to your own table.

It isn’t exactly the bikini-girl, beach-party that 2001’s ‘The Fast and The Furious‘ shows it to be. Lot’s of families and young couples enjoying the ocean side. Filled with kitschy items to buy like lobster trap T-shirts, mini Malibu-labeled surfboards, and even crab flip-flops. The perfect things to waste $20 on, to remember this special spot.

Within a minute at the restaurant, you realize that there’s two types of people here. Locals enjoying good, cheap food, and tourists walking hallowed ground of their movie heroes.

There are a lot of car crazy people visiting Neptune’s Net.

Sitting on the covered patio, you’ll hear Lamborghinis, Supras and Maseratis revving their engines and peeling out of the parking lot, as a tribute to the place, the film and the car gods.

Neptune’s Net has not been ruined by its notoriety. It looks exactly as it did in the film. But once you take a seat, you’ll see why the place is really so special. An un-obstructed ocean view and the surfers enjoy their corner of paradise.

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