It’s been a week since the 2023 BARC Touring Trophy Race at historic Mosport (now called Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). We got our film back from the Fotomat, and the film editors have created their cinematic masterpieces. But there’s a lot of weird pictures left over, son one more article won’t hurt.

Here’s the No. 19 Vallis Motor Sport currently driven by Jason Abrams. This was the ‘alternate livery‘ car that Daniel drove to a podium finish at the end of last season. The car still carries K1 Speed sponsor logos (because they’ll take the paint of the body if we try to remove them).

Here’s a shot of Daniel in the No. 12 MagiSeal / K1 Speed / Scarboro Subaru Formula 1200 car weaving his way past a traffic jam. Two of the most experienced open-wheel racers on the grid were being recovered by a tow truck after contact at Turn 3. You almost never see this in vintage racing.

Plenty of Subaru’s at the track this weekend. From Daniel’s Bugeye posing for a selfie on the hill between Turn 6 and 7, to the NASCAR-inspired livery on a Blobeye racing in GT3. The World Rally Blue team was well represented on and off the track.

This vintage Formula Ford had its engine cover blow off during Saturday morning practice. Daniel commented that when he approached the scene of the incident, and saw ‘body parts’ scattered across the track, he wondered where the rest of the car was. Some duct tape had driver Salo back on track later in the weekend.

Even leaving the track on Sunday afternoon, the fun continued. This WRC liveried Hawkeye parked right next to the Demaras WRX as we fueled up on peanut brittle and Dr. Pepper. It was so cool to see the driver had posed his car next to ours, and we chatted a while before chasing one another across the Hwy 407 at speeds that belonged on the a race track.

There’s always something interesting to see at the race track.

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