Toronto Motorsports Park has a great opportunity for ANYONE to run their car, truck or motorcycle down the ¼ mile dragstrip. For only $40 you can run all-out, full-throttle without worrying about getting a speeding ticket. Gates open at 6pm and the TAKE IT TO THE TRACK test and tune runs from 7pm-11pm. You have a full 4 hours to make as many runs as you can down the track.

After each run, the guys in the booth at the end of the track will hand you a Time Slip, which provides lots of information about your run, such as Reaction Time (how quickly you launched at the green light), how quick and fast you went at various points on the track, and what your final ET and miles per hour were. And if you were racing against an opponent, the time slip tells you how they did, too.

Try a Friday night racing against a friend, co-worker, family member, or the next person up to the starting line. If you have any questions you can call, email or message us on social. Additionally, our track staff will answer questions and help you get started, just let them know that it is your first time.

No Speed Limit
No Racing Experience Required
All Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles Welcome

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