Two weeks ago, Chris Demaras took part in his first Ontario Time Attack event. Not a competition, but rather, an HDPE (High Performance Driving Experience). It was the first time Demaras had driven the Mosport DDT (Driver Development Track) and therefore was paired-up with an instructor for the day; DDT Dora.

Dora brought her dog, her Porsche, and a lot of patience to the track. After a few sessions, DDT Dora got Demaras to ride shotgun while she demonstrated the racing line in her car, then his.

couple days ago, DDT Dora’s “report card” showed up in Demaras’ inbox.

Track Session #1

  • Has good understanding of positioning the car for braking zone, turn in point, apex, track out
  • Unfamiliar with track layout and turn numbers, steering input abrupt
  • Use suggested reference points to guide car positioning and timing of driver input for each turn.

Track Session #2

  • Beginning to learn DDT’s turns, car positioning improved, starting to make use of reference points
  • Steering input very abrupt at turn 5, early and sharp brake inputs at turn 3, 5, 12, 14, 18
  • Continue to work on remembering turns and use reference points to guide driver input

Track Session #3

  • Starting to use reference points to guide turn in and track out. Steering inputs beginning to smooth out.
  • Now that reference points are familiar, work into muscle memory
  • Work on smoothness with break release to avoid sudden weight transfer off the front tires.
  • Look as far ahead as possible by shifting eyes to next Ref point once the work for the current one is over
  • Brake management : Firm squeeze to apply, and un-squeeze to release

Track Session #4

  • Beginning to string together sequences of turns ex: ( 7,8) (14, 15,16)
  • Good use of reference points to apply early and minimum steering input to get to apex
  • Feel the car balance in the brake zone and also towards the apex.
  • During brake zone, firmly squeeze the brake and moderate release as the car approaches the apex (especially turns 3, 5). This is basically trail braking
  • Work in consistency for turns 2 exit, turns 7,8 sequence, 10,11 input timing with car positioning

Track Session #5

  • Making good use of reference points to guide driver inputs.
  • Beginning to understand use of trail braking and getting in a couple perfect turn sequences!
  • Steering input firm and smooth
  • Try to feel the car balance for trail braking in turn 5, and 12
  • Consistency to use whole track for turns 7,8
  • To help with consistent car positioning, shift eyes to reference points earlier

Track Session #6

  • Student showing much more confidence and consistency between laps.
  • Much smoother driver inputs on steering and braking vs the first morning session
  • Learned the track and reference points
  • Find your own reference points on the track (tire skid marks, asphalt dents, etc) to help you gain consistency on when to start brake zone
  • Be mindful to avoid over braking into turn 3, 5, 14 especially now that you’re starting to see how trail braking extends the brake zone

DDT Dora’s recommendation:
More seat time! 🙂

2 thoughts on “DDT Driving School Report Card

    1. Rubens, I was so embarrassed at how tentative and hesitant and stiff I was when I got to the track. But I had no idea if a left or a right was coming up next!

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