This weekend is the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. We at Demaras Racing have gazed into the crystal ball and foresee Max winning another boring race. The folks at Red Bull must be thinking the same thing, because they put together an incredible promotional video in advance of the race.

A monster truck race between Alpha Tauri driver Yuki Tsunoda in “The Yukinator” versus “SuperMax” driven by Red Bull’s Verstappen.

Max wins too much and it makes F1 boring. It’s about time a young driver like Tsunoda gets a chance in equal machinery to dethrone the champ, if 5’3″ Yuki can climbing into the truck and reach the pedals.

While Max took the qualifying battle, Yuki was victorious in the head-to-head race, earning his first win in any motorsports discipline since December 2020 at the Formula 2 race in Bahrain.

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