On May 28 2023, Robin Matthews drove to work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and never expected to be driving home in a new car. Buy when an on-track crash destroyed the No. 27 of Kyle Kirkwood, and sent his wheel over the catch-fence, it landed on Robin’s car! A white 2012 Chevy Cruze, she called Snowball. By the grace of God, nobody was hurt.

When raceday was over, Matthews still had to get home, so IMS lent her an event vehicle; a 2023 Chevy Equinox with full Indy 500 livery. In the month since the event, while working out details, Robin fell in love with the new Chevy. An agreement was reached, and the speedway gave her the car…for keeps. The fully loaded Equinox, called “Snowball 2” is Robin’s first ever brand new car.

2 thoughts on “INDY 500: Snowball 2

    1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway should be SO GLAD this lady didn’t sue. She could have sued for ’emotional distress’ claiming that she’s too scared to return to work, too scared to driver a car…it could have gotten ugly.

      It’s nice to see that a new Chevy does make everything better. But they should have given her a Camaro pace car too!

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