When people think of the genesis of car culture, Southern California of the late 40’s and early 50’s is what often comes to mind.

Post WWII prosperity, plenty of cheap pre-war cars, and a climate that allowed hot-rodders to drive their customized cars all year long. The local drive-in diner was the place to go to show off your ride.

Ruby’s Autodiner is one of those special southern California places that take you back in time. Located at 30622 Coast Highway it’s a place our family just stumbled upon last year while driving to Laguna Beach. The restaurant is a wide, white building with an art-deco marquee over the door. Contrasting red details emphasize the shape, and serve as a great backdrop for snapping a picture of your car.

Even though our Maserati was only a rental, we still waited patiently for other visitors to finish the impromptu photoshoot of their beloved MG-B, or late-model BMW M3.

The restaurant may have a Happy Days look to it, and there’s a the prerequisite turquoise classic parked out in front, but the place does not discriminate. Ruby accepts all types of gearheads whether they’re driving a hot rod, JDM or Italian exotic.

~ Chris #16 Demaras ~

2 thoughts on “RUBY’S AUTODINER: So-Cal Car Culture

    1. Hoe much nicer it would have been to drive a classic American car to that place (or vintage Italian machinery).

      But with a family of four driving around a foreign city, the dependability of a new car can’t be beat.

      Car didn’t even overheat in the desert.

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