Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, we spotted a 50’s style diner. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, as these are commonplace even in Toronto. But this was different. This looked like an authentic location from the automotive golden age.

Ruby’s Auttodiner is a huge place. There’s a long lunch counter to the left, endless red-vinyl upholstered booths to the right, and even a rooftop patio facing the Pacific ocean.

The building has an art-deco style that looks like it could have been built in the late 30’s, but the glass blocks leading to the second floor look like something added in the 1980’s.

The highlight of the place are the classic cars at the front entrance. From late 40’s Fords to mid 50’s Buicks, the display cars attract the eye of passing motorists, letting gear heads know hat this is the place to stop for lunch.

Inside, the restaurant is appropriately themed, with waiters in paper hats and waitresses in plaid dresses, it’s a real nostalgic look back at classic diners. The decor looks like it was supplied exclusively by the Coca-Cola Corporation, with red and white being the only colours in the palate.

The cool thing about this place is how customers have embraced the location. Locals roll into the massive parking lot in classics, like a mint condition Triumph TR4 that stopped just long enough to check his engine oil, before continuing his journey up the Pacific Coast Highway.

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