Once a year, spectators replace racecars on the front straight at Sunset Speedway as the ‘Fan Appreciation Night’ provides an opportunity for drivers to meet face-to-face with the folks that cheer them on every Saturday night.

Our friends at SKDL Motorsports were out in full force. The ‘hot pink & baby blue’ team are fan-favourites and enjoyed interacting with spectators. Even the chance to schmooze with other teams without having to rush off to the next heat race was a pleasure.

Daniel would’ve LOVED being at Sunset as part of SKL:D this weekend (but there was no skipping the F1200 race at Calabogie) as it would’ve brought things full circle. Years before Demaras Racing was even an idea, Chris, Alice, Michelle and lil’ Daniel would always be at Sunset for these special events. Although Daniel didn’t know any of the drivers back then, he knew he liked being at the race track and the smell of the gasoline and tire smoke.

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