According to ABC Channel 7 news, a stolen Rolls Royce leading police on a chase through the streets of LA made a getaway that would make Ryan Gosling proud.

CHiPs (California Highway Patrol) were chasing a stolen Rolls Royce Phantom on the 210 Freeway, but the driver took the offramp and entered the downtown core. The :LAPD then joined the pursuit with their black and white cruisers, plus a police helicopter up in the sky.

The cunning criminal went deep into the city, driving between tall buildings to eliminating his pursuers airbourne advantage. This is exactly how Gosling evaded the police in the 2011 film ‘Drive‘.

Once he was temporarily out of sight, the driver pulled into a parking garage (like Dom Toretto in F&F) ditched the car and walked away without being caught. Wat’s amazing is that such a car would draw a lot of attention! a black Rolls Royce speeding through downtown LA isn’t an every day sight. People would notice such a thing.

Police in pursuit eventually found the stolen car where the thief parked it. As for the driver? Poof! He was gone.

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