Not our first rodeo. Our first experience at Race Lab was in winter at the Crazy Farm, and next was summer at Millhaven Quarry where we found ourselves again in November. Race Lab truly is Canada’s premier advanced driving school, and whether you’re thinking of trying our amateur rallycross events, or want to be a better formula car racer in the rain, Leo and his crew have plenty to teach you about driving in low-grip conditions..

Rally events don’t look very impressive, with the cars all dusty and muddy. Everything looks kind of drab compared to the flashy colours normally seen on a race track. But from the inside…there’s nothing boring about this discipline!

The weapon of choice at Race Lab is the 2002-2007 2nd generation Subaru Impreza GC/GG. Race Lab has prepared a fleet of these lightweight, nimble vehicles as ‘school cars’. And while a 20 year old, naturally-aspirated 4 banger doesn’t sound like much of a ‘rally car’ most students are astounded at what the Subie can do on the loose gravel.

Then there’s Leo’s car. It used to be a stock 2007 WRX STi, but that was several thousand dollars ago. Now it is an absolute beast.

Just like the training cars, Can-Jam Motorsports prepares Leo’s championship winning rally car ‘Disaster’. While the car is available to rent, it is simply more than most people can ever handle. So ‘Crazy’ Leo offers thrill rides to the students for a couple of extra bucks.

Our day at Race Lab was extremely interesting as we learned how to better handle oversteer moments; a skill immediately transferable to the road course or the short-oval. It’s amazing at how much can be picked up over the course of a couple hours. and how much more confident you feel behind the wheel. Then have Leo take you for a ride in ‘Disaster’ and see how much you still have to learn!

Interested in trying out this experience? Follow the links below!

Win a Rally Car Adventure courtesy of Race Lab! Compete in the RALLY AGAINST HUNGER charity go-kart race at K1 Speed on Sunday December 3rd 2023 in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

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