For many, the holiday season is a positive one. Lots of food, sweets, and good times with close friends and family. But for too many people in Toronto, just feeding their families is a major concern. That’s why Demaras Racing has teamed up with Race Lab, Crazy Leo and Can-Jam Motorsports to host a charity event / food drive to help feed people in need.

The RALLY AGAINST HUNGER is a 2 round go karting tournament in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank. The event takes place on Sunday December 3rd 2023 at K1 Speed Toronto (75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 9, Toronto, ON). It’s a 2-round go-kart racing tournament with a chance to win a ‘Rally Car Adventure’. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Each racer will get a practice session (starting at 1:30 pm).
  • Each racer will be entered in a Preliminary Race (starting at 3:30 pm).
  • The racers who bring the greatest food donation (by weight) start on pole in each preliminary race.
  • All food collected will be donated to The Daily Bread Food bank
  • The Top 3 finishers from each preliminary race advance to the Grand Finale.
  • Starting positions for the Grand Finale are determined by fastest lap times during the preliminary race.
  • The race winner will receive a ‘Rally Car Adventure’ at the snow-covered Crazy Farm track in Markham (valued at $549
  • The runner-up will receive a ride in the ‘Drift Taxi’ at a CSCS event this summer (valued at $199)
  • The third place finisher while get to drive Demaras Racing’s own No. Mazda Miata at a ‘King of the Hill’ competition at Sunset Speedway during the 2024 season (Value: PRICELESS!)
  • Walk-ins on the day of the RALLY AGAINST HUNGER event cannot be accepted, but their food donations will be accepted.

1st Place: Rally Car Adventure

The “Rally Car Adventure” courtesy of Race Lab (Canada’s premier advanced driving school) will take place at a specially prepared, groomed, snow-covered rallycross track affectionately called the Crazy Farm located in Markham, Ontario. Race Lab’s track event at the Crazy Farm is scheduled for Saturday February 10th & Sunday February 11th, 2024. Winner may select specific day and time.

  • Prepare with 2-3 hours of virtual classroom (Zoom) covering weight transfer, threshold braking, etc.
  • Our event champ is assigned a friendly Race Lab instructor and a school car; 2nd-gen Subaru Impreza prepared by Can-Jam Motorsports.
  • Race Lab instructor drives one reconnaissance lap to familiarize the the event champ with the course, and demonstrate techniques.
  • Event champ is provided with 25 mins in a Race Lab school car, under the watchful eye of a Race Lab instructor..

1st Place Bonus: SHOTGUN RIDE

Upon completion of the course in the school car, THE ‘RALLY AGAINST HUNGER’ event champ will take a breathtaking, ‘shotgun ride’ on an advanced rally track in a race car named ‘DISASTER’. This is the Production Class Subaru Impreza WRX STi that won the Canadian Rally Championship in 2017 and 2019, piloted by professional rally driver ‘Crazy’ Leo Urlichich. Most Race Lab attendees agree that a first-time shotgun ride beats skydiving on the adrenaline chart. No prerequisites or preparation needed!

2nd Place: Ride in the DRIFT TAXI

Can-Jam Motorsports has just added a fantastic prize for the second place finisher in the ‘Rally Against Hunger’ event. A ride in the DRIFT TAXI! This is a RWD, 600 HP, fully-caged family SUV. The four seats allow its owner to share the drifting experience with friends at CSCS events each summer. This is one ride you’ll never forget!

3rd Place: Race the No. 16 Miata

The third place finisher in the Grand Finale race will get to drive Demaras Racing’s own No. 16 Mazda Miata. The time attack car is a 1999 Mazda Miata prepared by Dave’s Garage (Miata Specialists). The No. 16 Miata will be entered into the ‘King Of The Hill’ spectator drag racing event at Sunset Speedway.

The competition is a lap around the high-banked oval at Sunset against another racer for prizes and bragging rights. Winner advances until a champion is crowned. Helmet and driver’s license required for this thrill ride!

How to Compete in the RALLY AGAINST HUNGER

Get your ticket for the RALLY AGAINST HUNGER at and remember that we cannot accept walk-ins on the day of the event.. On the day of the RALLY AGAINST HUNGER racers must bring in a non-perishable food donation. The most needed food donations are canned fish (tuna, salmon, etc.); canned fruit or vegetables; canned tomatoes (whole or diced); instant oatmeal; peanut butter.

Remember; the most generous food donors start on pole position for the preliminary races. In fact, the entire qualifying order is based on your food donation, which we thought would be a great way to encourage generosity.


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