Donut Media is one of our favourite YouTube channels here at Demaras Racing. Silly, lighthearted and entertaining, these guys do a good number of videos about our favourite brand Subaru.

Last week, they answered an interesting questions. Is a brand-new $30,000 Subaru WRX better than a 2nd-Gen Subaru Impreza WRX with $30,000 worth of performance modifications?

The crew’s decision making criteria are hilarious. Sure they did some quantifiable head-to-head testing, but it was all the intangibles that made these gearheads tick.

If you bought (the old WRX) and brought it to work, everybody would be, like, checking it out and, like, “Oh dude, this things so cool! What’s that exhaust?” and if you pulled up in (the new WRX) people would be, like, “Oh, cool. Do you like it? and then they would just go right back to doing what they were doing.
Zach Jobe

Even more ridiculous is James Pumphrey’s response, agreeing with the importance of looking cool and feeling cool in your ride:

The amount of trouble and money I will go through to get a little bit of attention from another boy is insane.
James Pumphrey

There is an ironic moment at the track when on of the Donut crew gives 0% chance of the new WRX beating the old WRX on a road course. Even flippantly says that the only way the blue car would win was if the orange car blew up.

If you are familiar with the headaches that come with owning a highly modified Subaru, or if you’ve ever watched a Donut Media video before, you know exactly what happened next.

For the record, the 2024 Subaru WRX TR may cost nearly $50,000 (making in ineligible for this contest) but one of those brand new from the dealership, plus a set of sticky Yokohama tires, would abosulutely keep up with the modified 2007 WRX. But would you feel cool driving it?

As long as the car is running trouble-free, of course you would!

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