Racing to Help

Demaras Racing is helping our local hospital fight COVID-19 by spreading the word of the need for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Healthcare providers need PPE in order to safely care for patients with COVID-19. Hospitals across Ontario are facing a serious shortage of these items. Help make a difference by donating PPE items such as gloves, masks, goggles and gowns at Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital). The PPE Drive at this specific hospital has been going on all week, but it ends today (Friday, March 27th, 2020) at 3:00 pm.

For more information visit:

PPE Drive

The global car community is racing to fight ‘The Virus’. But stories about Formula 1 teams in the UK re-purposing their factories to build ventilators seems half a world away. What can be done at home, here in Toronto, to help?

Race down to Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital) to donate personal protection equipment such as face masks, protective gloves and goggles. Bring your supplies to the hospital before Friday March 27th, 2020, as these PPE supplies are urgently needed to fight “The Virus”. Businesses like nail salons, dental clinics, veterinary clinics or even drywallers and construction companies might have personal protective equipment on their shelves.

Not an elaborate or exciting challenge … but fundamental to fighting ‘The Virus’. A website for the supply drive has been started with the vision of other hospitals joining on. Announcements have been made about getting factories to produce needed equipment, but donations are needed to bridge the gap between now and then.

Michael Garron Hospital
825 Coxwell Ave, East York, ON, M4C-3E7
Monday March 23 – Friday March 27
7:30AM – 3:00PM

Receiving Department is located off Knight St, down the ramp.

Please note, donors will be required to a driver’s license and business card when making a hospital delivery. The receiving department will record the items donated. Donations will be acknowledged on the Donor Wall unless one wishes to remain anonymous.

The Off-Season Never Ends

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

Two weeks has passed since “Friday the 13th” … the day all racing stopped. Daniel and I have taken the the opportunity to re-live the 2007 Formula 1 season by watching every race, in order. Sure, we already know that Raikkonen will win the World Championship in the final race at Brazil. And I think Massa even gives up the race win that day to help his teammate win the title (how magnanimous). But so many details of that season are distant memories, it really is like experiencing it again, for the first time.

Yesterday we watched the Monaco Grand Prix. The cameraman kept focusing on Michael Schumacher, who was working in the Ferrari garage as a ‘special consultant’. Schumacher had retired at the end of the previous season with 7 Championships, including five in a row at the red team. So, yeah … I’d call him special.

My son recollected a picture of that race which he’d seen as a child. Daniel described it as a crestfallen Schumacher, slumped over on the wall, watching the cars go by … wishing he was still racing too.

The picture really spoke to me. I see my son wishing he was getting ready for spring training, practicing at the local track. Instead, we’re just waiting for the season to start. We’re not the only ones. I saw this picture on K1 Speed’s social media of our friend Patricio Jourdain Jr in full race gear … not racing. He feels it too.

But this video of Luca Link really expresses what we’re all feeling.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

Each day, news about “The Virus” gets worse. Schools closing, businesses closing…it’s hard to find a ray of hope. Demaras Racing will continue sharing good news about racing teams, car companies or others in the global car enthusiast community helping in this time of crisis.

One such story is from supercar manufacturer Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) based in Sleepy Hollow, NY. The company is a low-volume car manufacturer that also competes in endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus LLC acquired property at a small airport in Danbury, CT, in 2018. Since then, the round airport building has undergone conversion work to function as an automotive assembly location, with the floors getting redone as recently as this month. The company said in January that the first phase of the factory was on track for completion in May, which would enable it to build 100 road-going SCG 004s annually.

The Danbury facility is not only meant for the assembly of SCG’s road-going supercars, but it’s also a ten-minute drive from Danbury Hospital which was said to be operating already at full capacity as coronavirus infections rise.

The local hospital system currently has 200 nurses on furlough due to potential exposure to coronavirus, and that they can only return to work after testing. While this is a severe problem, the Danbury hospital being at full capacity is another, making treating COVID-19 patients in Connecticut yet more difficult.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus offered its Danbury location to be used as a temporary hospital for as long as it took. While Glickenhaus is sure it won’t be necessary, but if worst came to worst, there would be other things on everybody’s mind than building supercars.

Spring was in the Air

It’s been a challenging week in Toronto. Businesses are being asked to close, schools are shut down and there isn’t even racing to look forward to! But the weather was great this weekend, so the Demaras Racing family brought the team truck to the local coin wash. Michelle put the men to shame with her incredible scrubbing power!

When the sun came up on Monday, the snow had returned to Toronto. All the hard work and all the scrubbing bubbles went down the drain.

More B and S

Back in 2017, wrote an article on the one-of-a-kind 1980 Briggs & Stratton car. It was a 6-wheeled, hybrid gas-electric vehicle decades ahead of the Volt, Prius or Tesla.

Daniel Demaras has always raced Briggs & Stratton motors, and Chris was a big fan of the 1980 Mercury Capri as a youngster. This week, Jay Leon’s Garage released a video test driving the 40-tear old relic. Quite interesting to hear that how many parts came from the Ford Pinto, which explains the family resemblance. Great video.

Race Team Helps Fight the Virus

CORE Autosport is a race team that’s competed in IMSA Prototype Lites and GT3 Cup Championships. This year, their bit story isn’t about switching categories; it’s switching their focus and manufacturing capabilities to fill the shortage of face masks needed to combat the spread of the virus.

Racer Jon Bennett owns CORE and successful medical equipment manufacturing company Composite Resources. Bennett has re-purposed CORE’s manufacturing capabilities to help fill the need.

“The abilities we have here meant that in 24 hours, we were able to design mask prototypes and go into production. We’re very fortunate to have those capabilities to help.”

The company expects to start shipments next week.

Racing to the Rescue

During WWII, everyone was asked to “Do Their Part”. Even Henry Ford, who was a well known pacifist and publicly opposed US entry into World War II, eventually geared the giant Willow Run plant to produce B-24 bombers. Willow Run was the largest factory under one roof in the world. Before Willow Run, it was deemed impossible to build an aircraft on an assembly line. Ford Motor Company proved this wrong.

Today’s battle against a global virus has enlisted Formula 1 racing teams to use their cutting-edge technology to help build ventilators for coronavirus victims. On Monday the UK government put out a call to businesses that might be able to help supply ventilators or components, as well as more specific help in areas such as rapid prototyping, design and testing. This is what Formula 1 is all about!

Teams have offered to get involved and provide expertise at a time when they have capacity due to the lack of racing.

“A collective of UK-based Formula 1 teams, engine manufacturers and their respective technology arms is evaluating support for the manufacture of respiratory devices in response to the UK Government’s call for assistance. All the teams have expert design, technology and production capabilities, and specialize in rapid prototyping and high value manufacturing, which is hoped can be applied to the critical needs set out by Government. It is hoped this work, which is being rapidly progressed, will produce a tangible outcome in the next few days.”

Formula 1

2021 on Hold

FIA Statement: “Following unanimous agreement between the FIA, Formula 1 and all teams, the implementation of the Technical Regulations due to take effect from the 2021 season will be postponed until 2022.”

Translation: “Mercedes are going to win it all in 2020 and 2021.”

130R Race 5 (Group 2)

It all started out so well. With only 15 out of the usual 30 racers competing, it was a chance for Chris Demaras to jump up the standings. With some of the quicker drivers (like Ivano, Dawson and Daniel) destined for Group 1, Chris had his sights set on maximizing points in Group 2.

Demaras put his race kart on pole position for the Group 2 final, and was expecting a great result. Relaxed and ready!

But as soon as the green flag dropped, everyone at the track could hear the problem. Chris’ front left wheel was grinding on the spindle, and something was ready to break. The sound was amplified on every corner, but even on the straights, the kart would not run properly.

With a such a mechanical issue, Chris did everything he could to keep the pack behind him. Finally, the wheel snapped off the kart sending Demaras into a 180° spin, crashing into the wall.

Chris tried to make light of the situation, but after the cheering stopped, thoughts of what could have happened started to creep into his mind. There’s a long, high-speed straightaway just before Turn 5; if the wheel had broken off 10 m earlier, would he have been able to stop the kart, or would the wall have done it for him?

Without no time to dwell on his thoughts, Chris walked to the pits and jumped in the No. 18 kart to finish the race. Demaras was allowed to rejoin the race in 3rd place, next to his sparring partner, Igor.

Sadly, Demaras couldn’t catch the leaders, and was unable to convert his pole-position into victory. But he drove the wheels off it trying.