Politically Incorrect

Take a look at this 1951 Tex Avery animation called “The Car of Tomorrow “

The 1951 MGM cartoon is supposed to be:

…a humorous look at the possible future of automotive technology…including gadgets aimed at children, female drivers, young drivers and backseat drivers…

Tex Avery

Yet, from today’s modern perspective, the cartoon is so politically incorrect that it makes it difficult for the viewer to even laugh. Jokes making fun of racial stereotypes…

What would the MeToo movement have to say about jokes at the expense of women…

There’s even classic punchlines about pedestrian fatalities…

These new bumpers were built with pedestrians in mind. Just let them try to get away!
This model comes with a glass floor, so when you hit a pedestrian, you can look down and see if he was a friend of yours.

Just try to watch the cartoon all the way through without being offended. So much for the ‘good old days’.

Daytona 500

This past weekend was the Daytona 500…the race that didn’t want to end. There were pile-ups in the pits.

There was the destruction of the greatest NASCAR’s livery of all time, the Go Fas Racing’s larger than life Corey LaJoie wrap.

There were even wrecks that took out half the field…

Not really sure who won this year. After all the wrecks, red flags and stoppages, there were still 7 cars on the lead lap when the recording time ran out.

Valentines Day

If ‘Romeo’ is part of your name, you have to do something special on February 14th. So when the recently re-named Alfa Romeo F1 team brought out their 2019 challenger for pre-season testing, love was in the air. The special livery used Alfa’s quadrifoglio shamrocks, and hearts…in honour of Valentine’s Day!

Kimi Raikkonen, who parted ways with the Scuderia at the end of 2018, was behind the wheel for Alfa Romeo at Fiorano Circuit, Ferrari’s private test track in Maranello.

Studded Tires

In a never-ending quest to become more like Kimi Raikkonen…

…young Red Bull F1 hot-head Max Verstappen and his 2019 teammate Pierre Gasly, took their karts out on a 3km long artificial ice track at Flevonice.

130R Round 5

A second place finish for Daniel Demaras, while a lucky pass by Chris Demaras kept him out of last place this round.

Special thanks to Arnel “Gruv3n” Tabang who took such amazing pictures of the race. His Flickr album below.


Top 10 Points: 130R (as of February 11, 2019)

  1. Daniel Demaras, 156
  2. Quewin W, 127
  3. William M, 95
  4. Don P, 95
  5. Arnel T, 90
  6. Igor M, 79
  7. Nico H, 75
  8. Roy H, 71
  9. Chris D, 69
  10. Dawson C, 60

E-World Championship

With 2018 in the books, the list of qualifiers for the first K1 Speed E-World Championship is complete! A total of 71 racers qualified for the inaugural championship.

All State Champions will be invited to represent their state in the US Championship race on Friday, March 22 at 5pm at K1 Speed Irvine. The winner of this important race will become the United States representative in the K1 Speed World Championship finals the following day, Saturday, March 23.

But what about the “K1 Circuit” outdoor electric karting facility the World Championships were supposed to be run at? Well, it’s just not ready yet. Here’s K1 Speed’s statement…

While we tried our best to get K1 Circuit up and running by the time of this competition, the sheer size of the property has meant that zoning and permitting has taken a lot longer than anticipated. As a result, we’re throwing together an alternative that’s going to be a great challenge for all participants. All we can say is that everyone will meet at our Irvine headquarters at 9am that Saturday morning when the day’s itinerary will be announced.

K1 Speed
K1 Speed in Irvine, California

The World Championship finals will see the US representative race wheel-to-wheel with the fastest international racers from Mexico, South Korea, China, Puerto Rico and Canada’s own Daniel Demaras for the title of K1 Speed’s first World Champion. The winner will receive the $15,000 Grand Prize – the biggest award of its kind! Second place receives an impressive $7,500, and third place will receive $3,500 – plenty of big money up for grabs!

Something looks familiar about this…

The newly renamed Rich Energy Haas F1 team showed the new livery on their 2019 challenger. Nobody can deny the appeal of black and gold. The look just ‘works’. It’s elegant and refined. But it’s just not original. For younger race fans, the Haas will remind them of Kimi Raikkonen’s 2012 Lotus.

To the older generation, the Haas bears a strong resemblance to the Lotus 72 ‘John Player Special.

Derivative or a rip-off…call it whatever you want. But everyone should be thankful that Haas didn’t use the same creative geniuses at Go Fas Racing who came up with this nightmare for this year’s Daytona 500 car.