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The first Dream Car Experience event of the year has been scheduled for Toronto Motorsports Park at Cayuga…and it’s only a month away, on Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Last year, Demaras Racing had multiple opportunities to visit TMP to drive a Ferrari on track, compete head to head in a drag racing experience, and even test out an open-wheel car. While some folks call these once in a lifetime experiences, Chris and Daniel will return to the track again this year, hopefully getting to sample different cars like the Porsche 911 or Nissan GTR to see how they compare to the Ferrari.

For anyone looking to experience an incredible day with friends and family, check out Toronto Motorsports Park’s experiences. It’s a no-pressure, drive as fast as you want to experience that’s great for beginners and advanced level drivers too.

Here’s a video of Daniel Demaras’ first drive in a Ferrari at TMP.

Driving in Toronto is ROUGH

Demaras Racing’s “team mom” Alice drives a Mini Cooper, so this news story hit close to home.

Apparently, a collision between a dump truck and Mini Cooper occurred at 10:00 am today. Driving southbound on the Don Valley Parkway, heading for the elevated Gardiner Expressway, all hell broke loose. The minor accident turned into a major incident.

The truck driver got the car sideways, then proceeded to drag it hundreds of meters UP the Gardiner onramp. Other motorists had to flag down the driver of the truck who (one can only assume) claims he could not see the Mini.

Multiple driving charges and commercial motor vehicles offences have been slapped on the dump truck driver.

Great Canadians

Here’s some feel-good, Canadian content.

Four-time Canadian Karting Champion and former IndyCar driver Zachary Claman DeMelo has been tapped to lead the Villeneuve Kart factory team in 2021. The organization combines the talents of The RaceLab and KartPlex to help bring the Villeneuve Kart to the top of the Canadian karting scene.

“…Being Canadian, it’s an honor to represent an iconic name like Villeneuve in the motorsport world. I am excited to put the kart and name at the front where it belongs…I look forward to showing what we can do as a team…”

Zach Claman DeMelo

The Villeneuve Kart team will compete in regional series in western Canada throughout summer 2021 as they prepare for competition at SKUSA SuperNats and ROK the RIO events later in the year.

One of the greatest Canadian kart racers ever (no offense, Daniel Morad) driving a kart named after Canada’s greatest F1 racer?

Remembering Ludwig Heimrath

On Friday, March 19th, 2021, legendary Canadian racer Ludwig Heimrath passed away. I only crossed paths with him twice in my life thirty years apart.

As a car-crazy kid, I was lucky enough to grow up in the Wexford neighbourhood of Scarborough. A five-minute bike ride up to Lawrence Ave was Heimrath Porsche. In 1984 at the age of 10, me and the local bicycle gang would ride up there at least once a week. Heimrath Porsche had a bunch of cars boulevard-parked in the dealership lot out front. We’d carelessly dump our bicycles on the sidewalk, inches from 944s and 911s without care or concern. We’d imagine we were customers browsing the aisles of Stuttgart’s finest machinery. But you had to be careful, because if the boss was there, he’d scream at us to get away from his cars. He’d let you have it!

Thirty years on, I met Heimrath again in 2014 when I brought my SVX to a lapping day at Mosport’s big circuit. Lots of Mustangs and Mazdas running around the track that day. I got my Subaru up to 180 km/h on the Mario Andretti straight and was just scared to death of the 20+ year old suspension failing. That car was my ride home!

Afterwards, waiting in the pit lane, a Porsche 911 GT2 came rumbling in from the circuit, smoke coming out of its brake ducts. The passenger’s side door opened and a tourist who’d been on a ‘hot lap’ thrill ride climbed out, took off his helmet and tried not to throw up. The motion sickness was too much for him. Then out the driver’s door pops Ludwig Heimrath. He was pushing 80 years old, but could still hustle a Porsche around better than anyone else at the track. I went up to him and said something like ‘…hey, I know you…you used to chase me away from your dealership with a garden hose when I was a kid…’ and he just laughed and shook his head while walking away.

Goodwood Goose

The Goodwood Goose that crashed into PRO racer Jen Gray’s helmet at Turn 5 now has it’s own comic strip. Violent animal.

Sweetie Girl Racing

Press Release: Team SGR Advanced Driving

One year ago on March 17, 2020, Ford declared a state of emergency in Ontario and everything changed overnight. On some days, it feels like time is moving so slowly and on others, it feels like a year of our lives has gone by in a flash. 

But amazingly there is another side. The frantic pace with which we all used to run from place to place, from one commitment to another probably wasn’t entirely a good thing either. We have all been forced to pause. And pit. Box, box!

Granted this pit stop is lasting too damn long and we are all eager to hit the go button but maybe when we come out the other side, we can find a better balance between pause and play. 

With daylight savings behind us and spring around the corner, we are about ready to release our registration links for our official schedule for 2021. Please mark the calendar dates below if you’d like to map out your motorsport months ahead and join us!

2021 Team SGR Driver Training / Lapping Date Schedule Preview

  • Saturday April 17 & Sunday April 18 at CTMP Grand Prix Track (BIG TRACK)
  • Friday June 4 at CTMP DDT
  • Friday July 23 at CTMP DDT
  • Sat Aug 21 at TMP with the Canadian Volvo Club Contingent
  • Sat Oct 16 at CTMP DDT

Stay tuned for more details shortly, as we continue our very best to organize and host the best track experiences for our community despite the ongoing circumstances.

The worst may be yet to come but vaccines are coming. Often things are at hardest just before we turn a corner to a better place. Remember to keep your eyes up, hit the apex and squeeze the throttle!

Warmly with lots of strength, courage and respect,

Team SGR Advanced Driving

NASCAR on the Leading Edge

People don’t tend to think of NASCAR as being on the leading edge of anything. Technological change happens slowly. Social change happens slowly.

However, at this weekend’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR will use covid sniffing dogs to help identify potential cases in track personnel. If the trial run works as planned, it will be an efficient, accurate and cost-effective supplement to the covid protections already in place. 360 K9 Group of Alabama has two packs of dogs that can assess in 30 seconds whether covid is present. In case of a canine alert, individuals will be isolated and medically tested by the AMR Safety Team.

Doggies will not be used to screen NASCAR Cup Series drivers or the small number of fans in the grandstands.


Last week, New Speed Motorsports boss Anthony Simone shared a Toronto Sun article on his social media feed.

On most spring and summer nights around the GTA, a suburban parking lot was the scene of an impromptu car show. Since social distancing restrictions are still in effect in Ontario, police received calls about a “large gathering of car enthusiasts” near Harmony Rd and Taunton Rd. Police dispatched cruisers to break up the ‘event but commented that more people are out as the weather warms up.

Normally, impromptu car meets are ignored by police. A bunch of guys in a parking lot is not exactly a menace to society. Yes, some of them have loud exhausts and louder car stereos…but it’s just people peacefully hanging out. But during these ‘challenging times’ there’s a limit of 5 people for outdoor gatherings, so the police had no choice but to break up the car show.

Getting back to veteran racer Anthony Simone, he pointed out something obvious that many people may not have given much thought to yet. Spring training at Goodwood Kartways is currently scheduled for less than a month from now. How are we going to have 100 racers plus their mechanics and family members all at the track at the same time?

Will the kart racing season even start as scheduled? Stay tuned…

Karting Practice

Racing is a team sport. This weekend the Formula 1 teams were in Bahrain for pre-season testing. With only 3 days in the desert, each lap was critical for data acquisition.

No. 63 George Russell of the Williams Racing F1 team had to sit on the sidelines and while reserve driver Roy Nissany drove on Friday, and Canadian F1 pilot Nicholas Latifi tested the 2021 car on Saturday. So what George Russell do to pass the time? Karting.

Driving Change

This Sunday is the start of daylight savings time. The city of Toronto has paid for plenty of advertising reminding drivers that when the time changes the number of accidents increases.

Losing one hour of sleep means lower alertness and driver reaction time. But with sunrise an hour later, it’s darker than drivers are used to during their morning commute, making it harder to see other cars, pedestrians and cyclists. This weekend, prepare your car:

  • Make sure headlights, tail lights and turn signals are all working.
  • Clean your windshield, all windows, change your wiper blades and fill up your windshield wiper fluid.
  • It’s been unseasonably warm in Toronto this week, but most drivers still have snow tires on, check the pressures to maximize traction under the circumstances.
  • Turn on your full lighting system on Monday morning. There is nothing worse than ‘phantom cars’ like those Toyota Camry drivers who think that their DRLs are headlights.

Give yourself the best chance of another successful week of motoring. Go to bed early and sleep in late this weekend. Give your internal clock a fighting chance. Get that car ready for the Monday morning commute. And be careful out there!