The Wheels of Life

Are you still racing go-karts in your 50s? Just a teenager getting your first car? Are you fortunate enough to have the sportscar in 4th spot, the off-road truck in 6th sport and the RV in 7th spot?

What point are you at in the ‘wheels of life’?


This was such an incredible year (despite the global pandemic) with pole positions, podiums, wins and even a championship for Demaras Racing…could 2021 be even better!?!

Alice, Michelle, Daniel and Chris wish everyone a Happy New Year!

New Years Eve

The Demaras family is getting ready to pop some corks at midnight to celebrate the new year. Martini & Rossi Asti was really the only choice for our family. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that motorsports sponsorship doesn’t increase sales!

Rocket Powered Sleigh

UK retail giant Argos re-imagined Santa’s sleigh with this advertisement. The sleighs look more like spaceships, and strangely, they’re piloted by elves rather than Santa himself. In a nod to the original, the tail number on the aircraft reads “RUDOLPH ONE”.

The quick 1 minute commercial shows a heavily automated and mechanized workshop, supposedly owned by Santa Inc. An elf on the assembly line realizes a toy destined for little Johnny has fallen out of the cargo hold of ‘Rudolph 4’ and won’t make it to the youngster on Christmas. In full Die Hard mode, the elf chases the rocket powered sled down the runway as it prepares for take-off.

Powered Sleigh

Everyone is familiar with Santa’s sleigh. It’s been landing on rooftops for more than a century. The flying reindeer are able to propel jolly old St. Nick to 1,000 km per second…the speed required to deliver toys to every kid on earth in one night.

But as any classic car aficionado can tell you, today’s modern vehicles can provide comfort only dreamed of in years past. So how would car companies of today re-imagine Santa’s sleigh?


If Ford can transform the Mustang from muscle car to electric SUV, they can certainly work that blue oval magic on Santa’s sleigh.


American muscle may not be elegant or pretty, but it has the reindeer power needed to haul the precious toys for tots at breakneck speed.

Land Rover

Clearly, English firms lead the pack. Case in point, Land Rover looks the more like an Olympic bobsled with enclosed wheels. No consideration for cargo, and surprisingly the colour scheme does away with traditional red in favour of silver, gunmetal grey and electric blue.


The Bentley boys design adds the high-end style of a luxury cruiser, with room for one special reindeer. Limited room in the boot requires Santa’s sack to be towed behind the Bentley, a safety concern in some neighbourhoods.


Very little effort from the men at Maranello on this project. Why mess with perfection.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

For Christmas each year, I try to find a special gift for my wife, Alice. This year, it’s a rear windshield decal of a doggie waving its paw. The look on her face when she opened up this gift: priceless!

Alice isn’t really into cars. She has a cool Mini Cooper S, bright orange with racing stripes…but you won’t find her bolting on an aftermarket exhaust. She’s more likely to arrange infield camping at Pocono Superspeedway as a family vacation. Or buy tickets to watch ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ with the kids.

That’s what gave me the idea. This waving doggie looks just like Enzo from the movie!

Support Local

Being home for the holidays allows plenty of time to get caught up on reading, especially all the car magazines that Santa rolled up in your stocking. Great illustration by Jeff Norwell on the cover of Canadian Hot Rods magazine.

Next Christmas

Dear Santa,

I know Christmas is barely over, and I’m really thankful for the gifts you left under our tree. But I just wanted to get a request in a little early for next year’s wish list. As you know, I love waffles…and I love cars. There’s a product that combines my two loves.

Waffles in the shape of cars and trucks!

The CupinaPRO Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker is available online for only $40, but it’s back-ordered until September 2021, so I figured if you get the elves started on reverse-engineering the appliance, maybe you could get one for me for next Christmas.

As a fellow car guy, I know you’ll understand, Santa

Chris #16 Demaras