The Demaras Auto Racing Team’s season officially began two months ago, with their first ‘spring training’ laps at Grand Prix Kartways. Week after week, #12 Daniel and #16 Chris have returned to the tracks to try and set fastest laps and rise up the rankings.

The drivers completed a total of 1,537 spring training laps; 1,233 at Grand Prix Kartways and a further 215 at Formula Kartways, with Daniel amassing a stunning total of 57 race wins since March 6th, 2016.

Today, young Daniel Demaras achieved one of his goals for the year; a Top 10 ranking at GPK. Daniel’s 2,723 ProSkill Points (formerly called RPM Points) currently has him as the 8th highest ranking driver of all time at Grand Prix Kartways.

TOP 10

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