Fresh off a win at Goodwood on Friday night, Daniel Demaras prepared to race again on Sunday, looking for his first race win at Mosport. Driver #12 has been competitive at Mosport, earning two 2nd place finishes in Teen Division during pre-season testing, as well as one pole position and three podium finishes…but the race win has been elusive.

While quick in the corners, Daniel’s main competition was polesitter Graydon Lief, who weighs in at 59 lbs (half Daniel’s size). With so little horsepower, every pound slows you down in the straights.


Daniel’s new technique is to tuck his helmet down low, creating a more aerodynamic profile, and getting the wind to whip over him, rather than slowing him down.

Daniel’s practice times were consistent in the high 49 second range, regardless of the kart he was driving. Demaras qualified second, only 0.2 seconds off pole, and kept up with the leader lap after lap. However, Daniel’s late race heroics were the story of the day.

On the last lap of the race, Daniel took a tight line in the hairpin at Turn 3, pulling into the lead. Keeping to the far left, Daniel tried to protect his line, but was passed on the uphill straight by his lightweight competitor. In the approach to the esses, Daniel made his move. Tucking his head down low, Demaras used the techniques shown to him by karting champion Tyler Kashak, driving flat out through the first corner, easing off in the second corner, while watching his competitor carry too much speed (and slide wide) and pouncing at the opportunity to make the move on the final corner. The finish line couldn’t come soon enough, as spectators cheered Daniel’s incredible final corner pass for the win.


With the final regular season race next month, plus the Semi-Final and Final Race (with double points on hand) Daniel Demaras has moved into title contention.

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