Chris Demaras has scored points in every race at Mosport this year. While not setting the lap record with blistering fast times, Demaras has stayed out of trouble, made some good on-track passes, and managed to even finish on the podium

Demaras struggled for lap times with the Mosport track configuration the driver’s hadn’t seen since May. Qualifying didn’t go much better as a visibly distracted Demaras was jumping and cheering his teammates win, high-fiving track marshall’s Kyle and Tyler…rather than preparing for his race.


Final results saw driver #16 finish in 5th position, picking up 4 points in an otherwise uneventful race. However, with consistent finishes, Demaras has managed to break into the Top 10 drivers at Mosport. Maybe with a little help from Daniel, Chris can make a run for the championship too!


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