For the second straight weekend, the forecasted rains arrived with a vengeance. Driver #16 arrived in his rain suit, taped up his cuffs with hockey tape, and went out on track. Between fogging of his visor, and his glasses, Demaras decided to remove the bifocals and drive blind.

“The good thing is I couldn’t tell if my times were amazing or horrible, because I couldn’t read the dashboard. So, I just focused on driving the wet line, and keeping the kart on track.” explained the senior member of the Demaras Auto Racing Team.


Demaras qualified a respectable 4th place, setting a quick time of 49.97 seconds, but this certainly wouldn’t be a processional rain race. Heading into turn 1, the 3rd place qualifier ran wide, and Demaras attempted to keep behind the competitor (following the ‘no passing into turn 1’ rule in the CRKC) but so much speed was lost, that Demaras Lost 4th place by the next corner.

By turn 5, it all went wrong. Trying to make up the lost position, driver #16 spun in the wet, and tumbled down the order to last place.

However, Demaras capitalized on the misfortune of others, managing to keep his kart pointing forward, as others spun off track in the treacherous conditions. Demaras recovered to 5th place, earning 6 points on the day. Driver #16 has clawed his way into the Top 10 going into the CRKC Finals

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