Overnight showers created a damp track at Goodwood, and many people were talking about how to drive on this drying track.

Then came the rain. Buckets fell from the sky, soaking the track and creating tricky puddles. Daniel caught those puddles, which sent him spinning. You couldn’t attack the track the way you can in the dry. You can’t slam on the brakes, as that unsettles the kart and sends you into the grass. Daniel learned the hard way.


The Goodwood staff tried something new for qualifying this time; assigning karts based on driver height. Daniel was the tallest driver, so he was given kart 9. During qualifying, Demaras’ transponder didn’t work, so track marshal Russell manually timed Daniel, who only got one clean lap in, enough for seventh.

As the race started, Daniel got a bad launch and was passed before turn one. This resulted in a black flag (and immediate disqualification) for the driver who broke the CRKC rule: no passing into turn one’. The disqualified driver, still ahead of Demaras, was a rolling roadblock between him and his competition.

Daniel fought his way into fifth, and on the last lap was all over championship rival Alexander Holyer. On turn eight, just before the checkered flag waved, Daniel went for the pass, but couldn’t keep it on the straight, and came home in fifth.


Heading into the finals, the race for the CRKC Championship has gotten even closer. Two points separate first place Ivan to second place Alex to third place Daniel. Three points further back is Christina, who is looking for revenge after a poor Semi Final performance.

Who will come away with the Championship?


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