The CRKC Final is the the toughest race of the year. The top racers from all ages and groups converged on Goodwood on October 23, 2016.

Both Chris & Daniel of the Demaras Auto Racing Team qualified for the finals.



With the track being run in reverse configuration (with chicane) the order was sure to be mixed. Cool temperatures meant grip was at a minimum, but thankfully, rain was not playing a factor.

Three practice sessions say times getting better throughout the day, with quickest times of 43.03 seconds.


With 17 groups racing, Demaras had a long wait after qualifying.

Driver #16 qualified in 6th place, but quickly made it up to 5th. A fierce battle for position dragged out the entire race, with Demaras taking defensive lines to keep the quicker driver behind him. In the end, the 8 points Demaras picked up were enough to solidify his Top 10 finish in the CRKC Championship.


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