Historic Formula 1 at Mosport

The Demaras Auto Racing Team will be at Mosport Kartways from June 16 – 18, taking part in a training day with Venom Racing Solutions, a CRKC race and round four of the MIKA series. But from their spot at the karting track, the team will be watching vintage F1 cars come down the Mario Andretti Straightaway and into The Esses, … only a chain link fence away.


“Mosport is a Temple of Speed. Being here as a kart racer is amazing when the cars are on the big circuit. But to be on track while F1 machines drive on the original Canadian Grand Prix circuit…it’s like a dream!” exclaimed young Daniel.


The Vintage Grand Prix, which includes 1966 through 1985 Formula 1 car, will run a practice session on Thursday, a practice and then a qualifying session on Friday, and two races on Saturday.



“I may have to skip practice on Saturday to watch the F1 race. It’s such a rare opportunity.” said Chris Demaras, “It’s also quite a moment for the Grand Prix cars to return to the site of the first Canadian F1 race on it’s 50th anniversary.”.


UPDATE: More exciting news as Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari F312T4 has been confirmed as part of the Vintage Grand Prix!


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