On Friday June 16, the Demaras Auto Racing Team took a day away from school and work to focus on important things, like racing.

Daniel was on track with 2015 National Champion (and VRS team-mate) Jon Treadwell, learning how to maximize speed and performance on the Mosport track. What made the day so stunning was the Formula 1 cars running on the Grand Prix circuit in the background of the karting track. The sound of V12s screaming made it difficult to concentrate.

Chris was in the paddock with team principal James Treadwell, learning how to fine tune a kart for different track and weather conditions. But really, all eyes were on track. As Jon performed some lead-follow with the Glover brothers (VRS team members) vintage Williams F1 machinery can be seen approaching the Esses.


Overall a great day at the track, as Young Daniel is learning to come to grips with his Intrepid kart.



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