When you think of “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” visions of old Nascar racers in Plymouths enter your mind. Seeing a car race on TV, then being able to buy the same one at the dealership the next day…it’s the reason that car companies run race programs.


But this past weekend the IndyCars returned to Road America, speeding along under the Briggs & Stratton billboards. As a karter running a Briggs 206 engine, young Daniel Demaras felt a sense of pride.


“I don’t know what Briggs and Stratton has to do with Road America or IndyCar, but I was so excited to see my engine manufacturer up there!” exclaimed Demaras.

Road America has been running races since the 1950’s, and still maintains it’s original road course configuration. In addition to the main course, the facility includes a 1.3 km karting track called the Road America Motorplex inside the Carousel.

Briggs & Stratton head office is only 1 hour from the track at Road America in Wisconsin, and the racing history of each is closely entwined.

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