As the end of the karting season nears, the annual Night Race at Goodwood Kartways arrived. Saturday was an extremely busy ‘doubleheader’ with races in 3 series running:

Daniel raced in TRAK Race 9 and TRAK Race 10 /  MIKA Race 11 /  CRFKC Race 4.

Team cheerleader Michelle Demaras was on hand, making friends and supporting her brother.


The combined MIKA and TRAK event brought out racers like VRS teammate Keidon Fletcher, along with old friends like Matte Ferrari, racing in Briggs Junior Light.


Competition was stiff, and racing incidents brought out some hard feelings, even between friendly competitors like Daniel and Anthony.


Despite being competitors on the track, Daniel and Keidon exchanged notes and strategies on how to deal with the tricky Goodwood track. Neither racer has been at Goodwood since the CRFKC Round 1 back in May.


VRS team Senior drivers Jon and Tyler were relaxed and ready for the competition. Jon already wrapped up his second National Championship weeks earlier, and Tyler is leading the MIKA point standings in Briggs Senior. Tyler also brought a secret weapon to help deal with karters getting too close to him on track; the Princess Hammer!

Daniel started 24th for the pre final, and finished 24th too. For the race however he managed to make it up to 22nd.




The doubleheader race weekend saw Daniel start near the back of the pack in several sessions.

Daniel qualified 23rd for the pre final, which finally gave him the inside line into turn one, but a miscommunication meant that the driver starting 24th took Daniel’s lane. Daniel still managed a great start and worked his way up the field, but when Daniel went on the outside of a driver into turn five he was pushed off, erasing his progress. Daniel also had to take evasive actions in turn 7b, which caused further contact.


Daniel managed to run in a good position until the last lap, when a collision ahead of him caused him to go through the grass.

Daniel started 25th for the final, and made up places using very late braking while keeping his nose clean on the first lap, and tried to run in a pack, but contact up ahead slowed him down and detached him from the pack. By driving safe for the remainder of the race, Daniel picked up his best  CRFKC finish of 18th, a fantastic way to cap off the Ron Fellows season.

The night ended the way that all great days do. Fireworks and smushing Daniel’s birthday cake into Kiedon’s face.

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