There are plenty of reasons why the sport of bobsleigh is sometimes referred to as Formula One on ice but few as obvious as Italy’s World Cup sleds.

Resplendent in Ferrari red, and with a set of team sponsor Pirelli’s P-Zero tires painted on the sides, they are even liveried to look like racing cars.

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Formula One and the high speed ice sports like bobsled share the same concept. It’s all about chassis dynamics and aerodynamics. In recent years, Ferrari has helped the Italian tam, while McLaren worked hand in hand with the UK bobsledding association. Before modern scientific principals were applied, bobsled had some wild ideas about what would gain them speed on the track.

BMW and even Red Bull brought their expertise to bobsledding in advance of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.


But the Italian’s have taken it one step further with a nationalistic and marketing masterpiece. A sled in rosso corsa red with Pirelli’s painted on the side. A thing of beauty.

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