Racing against strangers at K1 Speed is always a challenge. You never know who you’re going up against. Someone brings their own custom painted helmet? Watch out for that guy. A couple on a date? Don’t worry about them. Little kid half your size? Could be the reigning cadet national champion from last year. You never know.


Daniel spends hours at K1 Speed trying to find that extra tenth. Getting advice from Len, the lead mechanic at K1, and more advice from Thiago, the current lap record holder, can sometimes be conflicting. What works for one person doesn’t work for the other. Determination and practice will pay off.

Chris is past his prime, and unlikely to make his IndyCar debut any time soon. Demaras takes karting seriously, strapping on his rib vest and racing shoes to give him every advantage possible. Chris managed to eek out a race win against 10 competitors.


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