Some days the track is so wet, you’re all wrapped up in your black garbage bag rain suit, and you’re still soaked.


Other days the track isn’t wet enough to put the plastic on, but your suit is still getting a little wet. Sometimes you just wish your race suit was waterproof.



Our team sponsor, In Home Service, has a product that can help. MagiSeal is a water-proofing / stain-proofing treatment that can be applied to nearly any textile. Raindrops just roll off your race suit.

Coffee drops bead up on a MagiSeal treated business card.

MagiSeal is used as a stain-proofing treatment on textiles. By making fabrics resistant to water and oil, they stay cleaner. An application of MagiSeal to a new white race suit will keep it clean, and prevent absorption of liquids (engine oil, gasoline, rain).

Big or small, protect them all.


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