Back in the 1980’s, some clever Canadians came up with a new way to protect furniture. Forget about the old plastic covers grandma used to wrap her living room sofa in; now there was MagiSeal Fabric Protection.

The ‘oops-proof’ treatment became available across Canada, and several international markets, such as Lebanon where this short commercial is from.

In those early years in Toronto, the old ‘butler‘ logo, looking like the Maytag man’s English cousin, was added to every pen, polo shirt, coffee mug and company car.

It’s been nearly 40 years since those pictures were taken, and the old-school ‘butler’ has been retired for many years. However, since Formula 1200 is a classified as a vintage racing series, using a throwback livery to honour the long history of their sponsor seemed just right to Demaras Racing.

The team truck travelled to the Vallis Motor Sport headquarters in Welland, to pick up the No. 12 MagiSeal F1200 car. With a race this weekend at Shannonville, Daniel will reach the track a day early for some practice.

200 km later, the truck, trailer and race car reached Toronto where it made a pit stop at sponsor In Home Service’s local MagiSeal office.

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